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Healthcare access & Equity

Healthcare should not just be a privilege for those who make high wages or have the right job. Race, poverty, and lack of access to decent work continue to be key drivers in determining how long people live and how well people live. Within six geographies across KCMO, residents have a 13-­15 year difference in life expectancy, determined by race and class. Individuals who can't afford healthcare or are dropped by insurers die preventable deaths. We recognize that healthcare is a human right and must be granted to all. Fill out the form at the bottom for updates on our actions!


Racial Equity and Inclusion

A growing share of Americans understand that racism is still a big problem in our society. Injustices exist in employment, housing, education, the criminal justice system, the voting process, and more. The effects of past discrimination and segregation have not disappeared. There are large racial disparities in wealth, neighborhood safety, and more, a direct result of slavery and Jim Crow. We recognize that race should not be a barrier to inclusion, equality, equity, or safety. All people should feel like they belong. Fill out the form at the bottom for updates on our actions!


Violence Interruption & Prevention

The violence that cuts short young lives in our communities must end. KCMO has one of the highest homicides rates in the nation. We know that household poverty, unemployment, disinvestment, crumbling neighborhoods, underfunded schools, lack of proper mental healthcare, and many other socio-economic factors give rise to the immense stress and despair that are predicates of crime. Not only do our other campaigns interconnect to reduce violence, but we also support victims' families and connect with young people. We recognize that all persons deserve safe communities. Fill out the form at the bottom for updates on our actions!


Economic dignity

Our fight for economic dignity includes battling both low wages and predatory lenders. All workers deserve a living wage that will provide for themselves and their families. In Kansas City, over 45% of workers earn less than $15 an hour, which means too many families are struggling to make ends meet. No one should have to choose between paying for rent and paying for groceries. Persistent poverty breeds predatory lending. The payday loan system traps consumers in a vicious cycle of debt, with borrowers paying 400-1,000% interest rates. We recognize it is immoral to prey on the poor for financial gain. Fill out the form at the bottom for updates on our actions!


Early Childhood Education

Investment in children is an investment in the future of our region. This includes ensuring a safe, nurturing, and stable environment in which children can thrive. Our public policies should advance the social, economic, and environmental well-being of families. Research shows investments in the early stages of life pay off significantly in later years: better health, education, and economic outcomes, and lower rates of incarceration and unemployment. We recognize that universal education for 3- and 4-year-olds is an important step in building a better society for us all. Fill out the form at the bottom for updates on our actions!