Happy 2018, CCO community! We hope you are well, and that the holiday season afforded you the chance to recharge and prepare for the critical year ahead. To start your year off right, here are a few things to know.

We are seeking someone who lives in the healthcare coverage gap to share his or her story. If you make too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to qualify for Affordable Care Act subsidies, please reach out. If someone you know experiences this, tell them we need storytellers. KCTV5 wants to profile you, and CCO will help facilitate the interview (we also want to capture your story!). Email garrett@cco.org to speak up about this absurd injustice.

We want to encourage you to connect with us on social media this year. OurFacebook and Twitter pages are an even better way to keep up with us because you'll hear about our actions and events faster, plus we share daily news on events that affect our communities and campaigns. We encourage you to share our pages and posts to draw others into the work.

We will continue throughout the year to grow our membership. A huge thank you is owed to those of you who so generously made one-time donations or became official members at the end of 2017! We will be reaching out to you directly soon. If you're interested in giving or becoming a member, or know friends or family who would, visit our website here.

Have a great week!