This Tuesday, August 8th, Kansas City residents have an opportunity to weigh in on whether or not to raise their minimum wage. This is an opportunity for each of us to stand with workers and powerfully declare that no one working full time should remain trapped in poverty. We need your help. Join us in this effort.

For us at CCO, this is the continuation of a protracted fight we have been waging since 2012. We do this out of a deep and abiding commitment to our faith and shared values that call us to work to achieve economic dignity for all workers and families. We strongly believe that this moment requires that every person who seeks to live in a city where the dignity of work is affirmed by fair wages must come out on Tuesday and declare their belief by voting Yes on Question #3 to help us make it so.

To those who say our actions may get reversed by the Missouri State Legislature: You are right! But we have always known that the fight for fair wages will not end on Tuesday. We are further clear that a strong "yes" vote on this initiative helps to strengthen our legal options and renew our resolve to continue this important fight. The Missouri Supreme Court ruled earlier this spring that municipalities can raise wages if the action is approved by a vote of the people. With a victory on Tuesday we will be going back to the state supreme court to petition them to ratify this.

We have heard many arguments during this campaign both for and against raising wages. For us it comes down to a simple question--when do we stand up for what we believe is right? Workers deserve a raise. The moment to stand up for this is right now. Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, August 8th, to give Kansas City a raise.

- Seft Hunter, CCO Executive Director


Take Action

1. Find your polling station at  

2. Volunteer to make calls on election day at the CCO Office (2400 Troost Avenue, suite 4600) any time from 11am-5:30pm. Email to RSVP.

3. Make calls from home by following these instructions.

4. Find @kcfor15 on Facebook and Twitter and share posts now!