Happy Tuesday, CCO community! There are a wide variety of exciting events on the horizon, so pull out your calendars. 


On Thursday, March 30join us to celebrate outgoing CCO Executive Director Eva Kathleen Schulte. For the past 12 years, Eva faithfully served CCO and the people of the region on some of the most consequential social justice and equity issues.

Join the CCO Board of Directors, staff, and volunteer leaders at a special reception to be held on Thursday, March 30, 2017, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm in the first floor atrium of the KC Health Department building (2400 Troost). We will formally thank Eva for her years of service. Let us know you're coming!


Tuesday, April 4 is election day in Kansas City, Missouri! A week from today registered voters of KCMO will have the opportunity to vote on Question 4, a one-eighth cent sales tax that would raise $8.6 million per year for economic development in some of the central city's poorest areas. CCO endorses this initiative.

The funds will go toward housing, restaurants, shops, public plazas, light infrastructure, street lighting, blight removal, gunfire sensing technology, and more. Investment like this is vital to creating jobs, renewing neighborhoods, and reducing crime. So vote YES on Question 4 on April 4Find your voting place here. We are #OneCityKC!


Thursday, April 27 to Sunday, April 30 is the White Privilege Conference at the downtown Marriot. The conference examines problems and solutions related to white privilege and racial oppression. Its stated goals are "Organizing. Strategizing. Taking action. Deconstructing the Culture of White Supremacy and Privilege: Creating Peace, Equity, and Opportunity in the Heartland." 

Speakers include Michael Eric Dyson, Glen Singleton, Peggy McIntosh, and many others. See the White Privilege Conference website for details and registration.


On Friday, April 28-Saturday, April 29, CCO is co-sponsoring a youth leadership event, and we need your help! We are looking for volunteers passionate about working with young people and committed to being positive role models. 

The event is the Global Youth Initiative Lock-In at the Gregg/Klice Community Center in Kansas City. There is a lock-in for young men ages 12-19 on Friday, April 28, 2017, from 5 pm to midnight, followed by a lock-in for young women ages 12-19 on Saturday, April 29, 2017, from 5 pm to midnight. Events include games and character building activities.

If you are interested in having a positive impact on young adults and making this event a success, contact Ave Stokes at avrell@cco.org or 816-663-9794.


Thank you, and have a blessed week!