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THANKS FOR HelpING kc for $15 PASS

1. Follow the steps to register to vote at kceb.org. The deadline is July 12, 2017. 

2. Vote YES on 3 on Tuesday, August 8, 2017! Find your voting place here.

3. Share KC for $15 posts from our Facebook and Twitter pages or tell someone about the vote twice a week.

If you made the pledge, thank you! If you haven't yet, click here.


Interested in volunteering?

We need help making phone calls, knocking on doors, driving voters to the polls, etc. Contact Dr. Vernon Percy Howard at 816-547-0719 or KCfor15@gmail.com. 



Whether you're an individual or with an organization or congregation, you can use these materials to help spread the word! Just click on what you need and when the item opens right-click and hit "Save As." You can then download it to your computer, print it off, and get to work. 

Doorhanger PDF (Front and Back)

Doorhanger JPEG (Front)

Doorhanger JPEG (Back)

Faith for $15 Rally Flyer

Standard Flyer PDF (Front and Back, Two Per Page)

Standard Flyer JPEG (Front, Two Per Page)

Standard Flyer JPEG (Back, Two Per Page)

Flyer For Places of Worship PDF (Front and Back, Two Per Page)

Flyer For Places of Worship JPEG (Front, Two Per Page)

Flyer For Places of Worship JPEG (Back, Two Per Page)

Letter to Churches, Mosques, Synagogues

Logo on White

Logo on Blue

Logo With No Background

Wide Banner For Facebook Cover Photos

Yard Sign 12x18

Yard Sign 18x24

Script/Talking Points For Phone Banking

Commitment/Voter Info Form For Canvassing

Daily Strategy Schedule



Do you have a business, congregation, or organization that will officially endorse KC for $15? Copy-Paste and send this statement of support to your email lists and post it on social media to declare you are standing up for what's right.


Here at ______________ we believe that in Kansas City an honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay. We believe that all people deserve to make enough to provide for themselves and their families, no matter what job they hold. We believe they deserve this specifically because they are people, because we value their lives and care about the struggles of each Kansas Citian.

We believe in a living wage for every worker!

That is why we are hereby endorsing a YES vote on Question 3 of the August 8, 2017 ballot in Kansas City, Missouri. This vote would raise the minimum wage in Kansas City to $10 per hour right away and steadily increase to $15 per hour by 2022.

At a time when Kansas City has the highest two-bedroom rental costs in the state of Missouri, when nearly half of Kansas Citians make less than $15 per hour, when our neighbors are working full-time or even keeping multiple jobs yet still living in poverty, and when Kansas City’s children are hungry, this is a moral issue.

Stand up for your values and help Question 3 pass on August 8. Find your voting place at https://www.kceb.org/.

Find the KC for $15 movement on Facebook and Twitter, both @KCfor15, and find volunteer information and campaign materials you can share at http://cco.org/support-kc-for-15-vote-yes-on-3/. 



National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP-KCMO)


Greater Kansas City Justice Coalition

American Friends Services Committee

Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity (MORE2)

Urban Summit

Baptist Ministers Union

National Black United Front KC

Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO)

Kansas City Local Organizing Committee

Urban League of Greater Kansas City

Freedom, Inc..

Cherith Brook Catholic Worker

The United Churches of Christ

Missouri Mid-South Conference of the United Church of Christ

The Nation of Islam

Justice and Witness Ministry of the United Church of Christ

The Heartland Presbytery

Presbyterian Urban Immigrant Network

The Committee to Abolish Poverty

Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City


Human Dignity and Economic Justice Coalition

Historic East Neighborhood Coalition

Our Revolution (National)

Our Revolution GKC

KC Democratic Socialists of America

KC Interfaith Council

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. KC

Missouri Faith Voices

A. Phillip Randolph Institute

Ad Hoc Group Against Crime


Jude Joseph Curls Property Group

Fields & Brown, LLC

DuBois Consultants, Inc.

Missouri Baptist State Convention

Sheet Metal Workers 204

Laborers Local Union #264

Amalgamated Transit Union Local #1287

State Rep. DaRon McGee

State Senator Kiki Curls

State Sen. Gayle McCann Beatty

City Councilman Jermaine Reed

City Councilman Quinton Lucas

City Councilwoman Katheryn Shields