On August 8, 2017, nearly 70% of Kansas City voted for an immediate $10 minimum wage that increases to $15 by 2022. However, the Missouri Legislature passed a law that forbade cities from raising their minimum wages higher than $7.70 an hour, the state minimum. This is wrong, and will be fought in court. 

However, businesses can (and are) stepping up to give the people of Kansas City what they democratically decided should be law: a living wage for every worker. The List tracks which companies in Kansas City are paying at least $10 per hour or at least $15 per hour. We are asking both business owners and workers/consumers to use The List in specific ways.

  • Workers/consumers: We want businesses that pay a living wage to working families to thrive. Therefore, share this webpage on social media using #PayTheWage, and shop at these establishments whenever possible instead of at companies that pay their workers dismal wages.

  • Business owners: Publicly declare your commitment to a living wage for every worker on social media! Announce to Kansas City that #WePayTheWage. You can share The List proudly, if you wish. Then tell other business owners you know who are not paying a living wage that it's not only possible to survive while doing so, but that businesses can thrive when consumers have more money in their pockets.

For corrections to The List or to add your business, email Garrett Griffin, communications coordinator at Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO): garrett@cco.org.

Businesses paying at least $15 per hour


Snow & Co.

Urban Wilderness Design Associates

Communities Creating Opportunity



businesses paying at least $10 per hour


Reconciliation Services


Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen

Kansas City Public Library